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Thu Feb 19 – LAFAYETTE COLLEGE (Hillel) – 12pm-1pm – “The Jewish take on Life After Life”
Thu Feb 19 – MUHLENBERG COLLEGE (Hillel) – 5pm-7pm – “The Paradox of Simplicity”

Fri Feb 20 – MANHATTENVILLE COLLEGE (Hillel) – 12pm – “Judaism & the Coca-Cola Culture”

Sun Feb 22 – TEANECK, NJ (JWRP) @ The General Store on Cedar Lane – 10:00am-11:30am – “Reincarnation” – $10 – MEN & WOMEN INVITED!

Mon Feb 23 – NYC (JICNY) @ The Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue (2 W 70th Street & Central Park W) – 8:30pm – “Just Clapping Along Isn’t Enough: Joy in the 21st Century”

Tue Feb 24 – CHICAGO @ apt of Yelena Finkel (6325 N Richmond apt #2) – 7pm – “Wine & Kabbalah” – $10

Wed Feb 25 – UNC-ASHEVILLE (Hillel) – 7:30pm – “A Kabbalistic Take on Life”

Thu Feb 26 – COSTA MESA, CA (Moishe House, 3490 San Rafael Cir. Costa Mesa) – 7:30pm – “A Kabbalistic Take on Life”

Fri-Sat Feb 27-28 – NORTHRIDGE, CA (Young Israel of Northridge) – speaking numerous times over the weekend, be in touch for further details or to join for a Shabbat meal elithejew@gmail.com

Sun March 1 – in California – details TBA



Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov teaches internationally on Judaism, as well as an assortment of topics, such as relationships, parenting, and life, inspiring people of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at life by presenting deep  Torah philosophy and lofty Kabbalah spirituality in a practical and down to earth transformative manner.   in a relevant way that resonates with the newcomer as well as the well-read student.

Rabbi Eli currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem and spends most of his time teaching, writing, counselling, learning, hosting, and with his family.

Books include the #1 Amazon Bestsellers The Case For Judaism (National Light), Jewish By Choice: A Kabbalistic Take on Life & Judaism (National Light), Human By Choice: A Kabbalistic Path To Self Help (National Light), Halacha By Choice: The Kabbalah of Jewish Life (National Light), Parent By Choice: A Kabbalistic Plan for Raising Awesome & Amazing Kids (National Light), Shabbos Insights of the Maharal (Targum).

For more on Rabbi Eli, go to:www.getyourjewon.com

To contact Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov or for bookings, email rey@getyourjewon.com